The first step of AXIS began in the economically well-developed Yangzi Delta in China. The main office had been established in Changzhou, a city in the Jiangsu province near Shanghai. A few years later AXIS opened his independent limited company in Munich. Since the incorporation AXIS has been providing his clients – supported by the leadership team in Germany – professional solutions for manufacturing companies in fields of
All project phases will be covered through one hand, starting from strategic consultancy, feasibility study, design, project management to facility management after project hand over.
We set a high value on helping our clients making their sustainable investment. We optimally support them with our holistic approach, which ensures full transparency in their projects at any time.
--„To make the best use for our clients is our motivation!“

Our team

Our young, creative and engaged team consists of about 15 interdisciplinary colleges (project managers, architects, civil engineers, mechanical & electrical engineers) from China, Germany and other European countries.
They have
• Solid German / English / Chinese language skills
• Intercultural background
• Familiarity with Chinese and European design standards
• Know-how of technical implementation in Asia and Europe
• Long-year experiences, which contributed to a valuable connection to the local authorities and contractors

Our shared require for “Best Performance” bonds us as a team and makes it possible for us to continually provide our clients with high-quality, unique and tailored services over the years.

Our clients

Among our prime European clients there are “Hidden Champions” from sectors of automotive industry, machinery and light chemistry. They are mid-size companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who play the key roles in their economy. Their international orientation, their high sectorial specialization and their ability to successfully occupy the niche positions on the market, make them innovative leaders in their sectors.
We closely collaborate with our clients to facilitate today’s transitions. We create high quality factories as well as administration buildings, which improve work environment and atmosphere, support staff creativity and sustainably enhance overall business performances.

Join the circle of our clients and benefit from our experiences in Asia & Europe!


"To build an new plant in China was like venture into uncharted territory to us. We've had a good idea what we need and what we want to build. But how should we start? AXIS was the key to our new building. Together we worked on the conceptual design until we had a solution. On this basis AXIS showed us the main facts like time and costs which we had to consider. After tendering and negotiation we found a construction company, which were willing and able to build according to our requirements. And last but not least during construction period we've had a competent partner who helped us to bring the building to a good end.After all the building speaks for itself."
Ralph Unger
Project Manager of Construction Department, SCHERDEL GmbH

"To develop a modern workplace strategy is not only a design service. It requests the understanding of the working processes, a high level of corporate thinking as well as the sense of responsibility for the employees. Mrs Xu / AXIS brought all these skills with them, besides strong design competence. She showed us the potential of our building and sketched the realistic possibilities of implementation for such a modern concept. We can highly recommend Mrs Xu / AXIS to all."
Max Kühlwein
Head of Facility Management, Health and Safety & Corporate Social Responsibility Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics GmbH & Co. KG

"We have made really good experiences with AXIS in China over the years. The AXIS team has a solution-oriented working style. Their professional way of working always guaranteed the smooth running of all our projects. Since the team is well versed in both cultures, our cooperation has perfectly worked and harmonized at each interface."
Helmut Perkounigg
Head of Production, HOERBIGER Penzberg GmbH
Ex-Plant Manager, Vice-President, HOERBIGER Drive Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.


Strategy Consultancy

Design Management

Project Management

Facility Management

Begin in the early phase with STRATEGY CONSULTANCY (Workplace Strategy) to identify our client' core objectives on their sites,address the most critical challenges and deliver the architectural and change management solutions that support the expansion and transition of our client's businesses. We take advantage of our professional understanding for function and space as well as the appropriate usage of different materials for look & feel,to best translate the corporate identity into space design and strengthen the employee's sense of belonging with our DESIGN CONSULTANCY services.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT is our key competence.We act as the only interface for our clients for project control,starting from feasibility study,planning,covering tendering and contracting,site management,until commissioning,defect rectification and final hand over. During the guarantee phase we remain as the point of contact for clients,coordinating the space,infrastructure and supporting the daily maintenance in SFACILITY MANAGEMENT.



Chemson Technical Co., Ltd.

GUHRING (Changzhou) Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

SECA Medical Scales and Measuring Systems (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

FORBO Movement Systems (China) Co., Ltd.

HIRSCHVOGEL Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

HELLER Machinery & Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

IWIS Engine Systems (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

WACKER NEUSON Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.

HIRSCHVOGEL Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

HIRSCHVOGEL Automotive Components (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

HELLER Machinery (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

KARL MAYER (China) Ltd.

ERDRICH Metal Forming Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

KARL MAYER (China) Ltd.

SCHERDEL Precision Parts Huzhou Co., Ltd.

Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics GmbH & Co. KG


--“How will the way of working change in the near future?”
--“How can our company quickly and flexibly react to the increasing complexity of our tasks?”
--“What kind of workplace strategy do we need, so that communication and exchanges between different departments can be strengthened; the creativity of our employees can be encouraged; and our brand message can perfectly be transmitted to our clients?”
If you are confronting yourself with one or more questions above, you are exactly at the RIGHT place, here with us! We are experts in fields of WORKPLACE STRATEGY, particularly for manufacturing companies, who want to modernize the naturally grown structure; who must master the demographic change; and who are willing to develop their organization, under the motto “Industry 4.0”, for remaining competitive and attractive for the next generation.
We are glad to support you with holistic, tailored concepts, which progressively connect the working environments of R&D, offices and production with each other.




AXIS Project Management & Consulting Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Office)

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213161 Changzhou, Jiangsu, PR China
T: +86 (0) 519 8116 9783

AXIS Deutschland GmbH (Munich Office)
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